About Us - Boomerang Books


Boomerang Books is your destination for books.  Our primary focus is to become Australia's leading online destination for book lovers.

We sell books to consumers and businesses at discounted prices, with a particular emphasis on Australian books, Australian authors and Australian publishers.  We have over 1.5 million titles available online and provide discounts of up to 20% off the recommended retail price. 


A Short History


Boomerang Books was founded in April 2002. It was the brainchild of husband and wife team, Clayton and Jodi Wehner.  Clayton, a serving Army officer at the time, was keen to start an internet business and Jodi came up with the catchy name.

Since 2002, the business has grown to become one of Australia's leading online bookstores.

Today, the business is operated by Eclipse Commerce Pty Ltd.  The Eclipse team consists of:

  • Jon Page - Managing Director
  • Clayton Wehner - Digital Manager / Chairman
  • Phil Page - Finance Director

The team lives and works in Adelaide and Sydney.  Our book orders are fulfilled by our friends at Pages and Pages Booksellers, located in Mosman, Sydney.

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