For Authors

Let us help market your new release title - here's how we can help you sell more books:


Author Affiliate Program


Got a website? Would you be interested in an arrangement whereby you refer website visitors to Boomerang Books to purchase your books, in return for a commission on referred sales?  Our affiliate program for approved authors might be just what you need.

How does it work?  

1) You place a Boomerang Books special tracking link or 'buy now' button on your website.

2) Customers click through to the corresponding book page on the Boomerang Books website

3) If a purchase is made on our site, we pay you a commission.  

It's a win-win situation, as we only pay a commission when a sale is made and your customers are given an effective path to purchase your titles, without you having to worry about fulfilment.

For more information, please contact us.


Author Player Profiles


We regularly publish author 'Player Profiles' on the Boomerang Books Blog to coincide with new book releases.  Here is an example: Peter FitzSimon's Player Profile.

If you'd like to have your Player Profile featured, please ask your publisher to contact us.


Book Giveaways


We often run giveaways our website, our Facebook Page and our Twitter account. We are happy to receive giveaway copies of books for promotion through these channels.

Giveaways are promoted via our weekly Boomerang Books Bulletin email newsletter (>20,000 subscribers), our Facebook Page (>5,400 fans) and our Twitter account (>3,400 followers) and they represent a very cost-effective way to market a new release book.

Unfortunately we cannot accept giveaway copies from overseas publishers or independent/self-published authors and we cannot guarantee that giveaway copies sent to us will be used in one of our competitions.

Giveaway copies should be sent to:

Boomerang Books
878 Military Road
Mosman NSW 2088


Review Copies


We frequently publish book reviews on the Boomerang Books Blog and we are happy to receive review copies of Australian books from reputable Australian publishers. Unfortunately we cannot accept review copies from overseas publishers or independent/self-published authors and we cannot guarantee that review copies submitted to us will be reviewed.

Review copies should be sent to:

Boomerang Books
878 Military Road
Mosman NSW 2088


Listing a book for sale on Boomerang Books


If your book(s) is not currently listed on Boomerang Books, follow these instructions to have it listed:

  • Authors/Publishers in Australia.  It is necessary for you to either establish an account with a major Australian publisher or distributor that is listed on the TitlePage service (suggested distributors are New South Books and Woodslane), or to enter into a consignment agreement with Boomerang Books, whereby we hold copies of your book for sale on consignment.
  • Authors/Publishers in rest of world.  It is necessary for you to establish an account with book distributor Ingram in the US or Gardners in the UK.  All books listed with Ingram and Gardners are represented in the Boomerang Books database.

Some books appear in our database, but are listed as 'Sorry - this book is not available'.  In this case, the publisher does not have an established account with one of our supported distributors or a consignment agreement with us.  It is necessary for the publisher to establish an account before the book becomes available on Boomerang Books.

If the book is listed as 'Sorry - this book in available' but you DO have an account with one of the distributors listed above, please advise us via our online contact form and we will endeavour to add the book.


Altering an existing listing in the Boomerang Books database


If your book listing is incorrect or needs to be changed, it is necessary for you to contact our data provider at and make changes at the source.  Changes made locally to the Boomerang Books database will be overwritten by the source data during our regular refreshes, therefore, it is in the best interests of the author and publisher to rectify the data issues at the source.  Changes will generally be reflected on the Boomerang Books website within 14 days, as we take a fortnightly feed from our data provider.


Provision of book reviews, author profiles and other content


Boomerang Books is always looking for quality book reviews, author profiles, banners and other relevant digital content to publish on our website.

If you have content that you think we could use, please contact us.

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